West Feliciana Courthouse Evacuated Again from Carbon Monoxide Levels

West Feliciana Courthouse
West Feliciana Courthouse

The West Feliciana Courthouse had to be evacuated again Friday morning.

That, after the sheriff says potentially dangerous carbon monoxide levels were detected in the building just after 8:00 in the morning.

You'll recall, the courthouse was evacuated Monday afternoon, after nearly a dozen workers complained of flu-like symptoms.

Investigators say carbon monoxide leaking from an air conditioning unit was to blame that time.

No one got sick Friday morning, but the sheriff ordered an evacuation just to be safe.

Workers are now in the process of finding the source of this most recent leak.

Major Randy Holden says, "Basically, at this time, it's shut down, we're gonna try to get it open possibly by Monday. We got two days to get this straight throughout the weekend."

Despite the foul smell, no one got sick from breathing carbon monoxide fumes at the West Feliciana Courthouse, Friday morning.