December 13, 2001 - What's the Hitch?

Trailer hitches -- you see a lot of them is south Louisiana. But when you shell out big bucks for a sleek sports utility vehicle -- well, maybe you don't want the look of the thing spoiled be the need to tow your boat to the river. That's the problem which brought out the creativity of one local inventor.

When Sam Parker's wife got her new SUV, they loved it -- nice color, nice lines, but there was that trailer hitch. They thought it was ugly, spoiled the look of the vehicle. Sam went to the drawing board, then the welding torch, and found his solution. He explains, "It just sprung into my head because when you work with things, you can devise changes to make it better."

Sam's better idea turned out to be the trailer hitch cover. "My wife thought it was a good idea and said why don't we patent it?" says Sam. "But when I made it, I never thought of at as being an invention. Just for her, I made it just for her." Sam got his patent. Cadillac has expressed some interest, but Sam hopes that someone like Wal-Mart or Pep Boys will run with the idea, sell about a gazillion of them.

"Come to me, and we can make a deal," says Sam the inventor. "We definitely make a deal." Did someone say "royalties?" Sam likes the sound of that word. Sam says he could easily shape his trailer hitch cover to fit any make of SUV or truck.