December 12, 2001 - Twins

It was a miracle birth back in February - twins at a Baton Rouge horse farm. Ten months later they have beat the odds and are doing great. That's not all. Get set for a second miracle. On February 12, Kris Murphy was not expecting a miracle. She was expecting a foal. What she got was two twins.

"I screamed and hollered," she said back then. "I couldn't believe it, twin horses! I was so excited" The youngsters had to beat some mighty long odds. Veterinarian Mark Gray said that their chance of survival at birth was about one in one thousand." That was then. This is now. The two colts run and cavort around the farm, the picture of perfect health. "They're doing just fine," says Kris. "How do I feel today? I feel like it's just overwhelming. When I wake up in the morning, I can look out at the horses and see that they have made it through the night."

The solid brown twin is "Kelly Big Sister." The paint is the one that almost didn't make it. Her name now is "Claire Made It." Their mom, Lady, is expecting again, maybe another miracle. Dr. Gray was back with his ultra-sound. He says it looks like twins. Kris Murphy says, "I consider that a challenge. They're one of the most beautiful things, like looking at a flower. When I look at a horse, there are no words for the beauty of how majestic they are." The vet says the ultra-sound in inconclusive, but the mare's history -- coupled with the size of the fetus, or fetuses -- makes a second set of twins a very good bet.