Who Killed Wadell Fultz?

Who killed Wadell Fultz? That's what St. Helena Parish Deputies want to know. Deputies have been looking for his killer for almost a year now, and trying to figure out how a reported traffic accident turned into much more.

St. Helena Parish Sheriff Detectives say the morning of January 30 was a foggy overcast morning. That may be why it took a little while for someone to spot a car in the ditch on Sawmill Road just east of the town of Montpelier. Police first got a call about a possible traffic accident.

"Upon deputies arriving at the scene, they found a subject lying in his vehicle with a gunshot," says St. Helena Parish Sheriff's Detective Joe Chaney.

They found 31-year-old Wadell Fultz. Right now, police aren't sure how his car ended up in the ditch with him dead at the steering wheel.

"It looks like it may have started here and backed into this location," Detective Chaney says. "Right there in that bushy area right there."

The last time anyone saw Wadell alive was at about 12:30 that morning, at the corner of green lane and Sawmill Road, just a short distance from where he was found.

"He called and said he was on his way home," remembers Wadell's sister, Elouise. "He never got here. I think he was killed between where he was and here, then driven back to that point."

His sister believes someone pushed that car into the ditch, and the family has heard rumors of what may have happened. They are hopeful now someone will call in with some facts.

"The area he was killed in, is like a family thing, a friend thing," Elouise says. "Nobody wants to tell on the other."

But still, they remain hopeful, even after a year with no answers.

If you think you can help police solve this crime, give Crime Stoppers a call at 344-STOP.

Reporter: Matt Williams mattwilliams@wafb.com