Egg-stravagant Egg Nog

1 dozen eggs
1 box 10X powdered Sugar
2 Cups Burbon
1 Cup Burbon
1 Cup Rum
1 Cup Brandy
4 Quarts Half & Half Milk/Cream
Nutmeg for garnish

Separate the eggs.  Place the yolks in a blender.  Set the egg whites aside for later.  Add the Bourbon to the blender and mix.  With the blender running on slow, add the sugar.  After thoroughly mixed, add the Rum and Brandy.

Now, pour the contents of the blender into a large bowl.  Add the half & half.  Beat the egg whites with an eggbeater until fluffy.  Add to the large bowl and mix all the contents with the eggbeater.  Put some nutmeg on the top of each glass when serving.  Enjoy!