Quick-Carve Easy Pumpkin Instructions

Need to carve a Jack o' Lantern fast? Follow these four easy steps for pumpkin perfection.

  1. Cut a six-sided lid from the top, angling the knife so the lid won't fall in. Use a large spoon to gut the pumpkin, then scrape the wall you plan to carve to about one inch thick.

  2. Tape or pin a paper tracing of your pattern onto the pumpkin. Mark the pattern with thumbtacks, then spread flour in the holes to make the design stand out.

  3. To carve, use a pumpkin carving saw or a small knife, and keep the blade perpendicular to the surface. The shell gets weaker with each cut, so start at the design's center.

  4. Soak the pumpkin, carved part down, in a tub of cold water until the flesh is firm. Then spread a thin film of petroleum jelly on the exposed edges to keep the pumpkin plump.