Program Aims to Take Career Criminals Off the Street

He's been arrested almost 50 times, and has hardly served any jail time. Police say he is just one of the habitual offenders targeted by a new program trying to get them off the streets and keep them off. In this weeks Crime Stoppers report, WAFB's Matt Williams introduces you to a few of metro-Baton Rouge's reputed 'career criminals'.

If their arrest record is any indication, they belong behind bars.  Habitual offenders, career criminals, whatever you want to call them, they are out there, instead of in jail.  Why is that?  We'll get to that in a minute.

First, Baton Rouge Police Detective Donald Bailey explains the new targeted violent offender program: "The program was started to go after some of the career criminals that we have; people clogging up the system because they've committed so many crimes."

People like Bruce Alvin Robertson.  His sheet says he's been arrested 29 times. Burglary charges mostly, but some other felonies as well.  Demontriel Knox, with 24 arrests to his credit, is still out there, and the BRPD would love to find him. They'd also love to find Darryl Keith McClinton, as well.  He's wanted for domestic abuse, aggravated battery, criminal damage to property, and he's still on the loose.

Then there is Dominico Clyde Mack. "He's been arrested 47 times," Detective Bailey tells WAFB 9 News.

In fact, he was arrested for the 48th time on Tuesday, but how is he still out there? It's because when he's arrested, a bond is set, it gets paid, and he's free to go until his hearing. While he's out on bond, he's arrested again for another crime, and that first hearing gets pushed back, another bond is set, and so forth and so on until you reach 48 arrests.

So what's the solution?

"Possibly revoke some of the bonds they're currently on because they're still continuing to commit crimes," says Bailey. "Part of bonding out is that you remain arrest free."

Obviously, these folks have not. Something the new program hopes to address.

Police tell WAFB 9 News that Dominico Mack is still in jail; he's on a parole hold until they figure out what to do with his most recent charges. His bail is set at $45,000.

Call Crime Stoppers if you think you can help find any of the other three men: 344-STOP.