Test Your Penny Drive Trivia

What were the elephants' names?

Believe it or not, Penny and Penny Too were not the elephants' original names. The names given to them at birth were Apasra and Siri.

What zoo were the elephants purchased from?

They were purchased from the Cleveland Zoological Park in Ohio in April of 1969.

Why was an elephant chosen for the Penny Drive?

An elephant was the largest animal in a zoo, so it would be the biggest purchase for the new zoo.

How many pennies were raised?


What type of elephants were they?

Asian elephants

Why was the safe so special?

There were no safes that could handle the volume of pennies being donated at any one given time, so Alford Safe & Lock of Baton Rouge custom welded a funnel to the top of a safe. That way, when it was time for a child to make their donation on television, they could quickly pour in their pennies.

What was the music used for the WAFB Penny Drive?

The Elephant Walk performed by Lawrence Welk

How many times was the safe opened before enough money was collected?

The third time was the charm. The latest donations were added to the other two collections. It totaled $3,500.

Why was a baby elephant purchased?

Baton Rouge children overwhelmingly wanted a "real" full sized elephant. As many zoo directors form across the country warned, however, adult elephants can be very difficult to handle, especially when they are used to living in a particular location. A young elephant was found to be easier to handle.