Are polyps related to colon cancer?

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Question -  Are polyps related to colon cancer??


A polyp is simply a protrusion (or lump) of tissue from the lining of the colon.  Although some polyps may contain malignant cells (cancer), most polyps are benign.

Certain types of polyps (adenomatous polyps), although benign, may eventually develop into cancer.  Colon cancer screening may pick up adenomatous polyps and result in removal before cancer develops.  Screening is particularly important in individuals who have inherited a genetic predisposition to form adenomatous polyps ( a condition referred to as familial adenomatous polyposis).

Other kinds of benign colon polyps rarely develop into colon cancer.  Examples include hyperplastic and inflammatory polyps.

The American Cancer Society website ( has additional information regarding the relationship between polyps and colon cancer.