Gulfport, MS: Katrina's Ground Zero

The Louisiana / Mississippi state line was ground zero for Katrina's landfall. WAFB's Greg Meriwether rode out the storm just a few blocks off the coast in Gulfport.

One year ago today, you could hardly stand up. Then, a ride down the famous US-90 was impossible; now, things are moving.

Hurricane Katrina obliterated much of Mississippi's gulf coast. The storm surge tossed homes like a toddler on tantrum. One year later, and Allison Burton is just hoping to have her house complete enough so her daughter can crawl on the floor.

"I just really never talked about it, you know," says Burton, breaking down for the first time since the storm. "It was always the next thing that had to be done, and you just keep going and going."

Over all, I have so many memories from Gulfport, but the one I can't forget? The night before the storm when we found dolphins in our hotel swimming pool.

The Gulfport Oceanarium had to evacuate about 17 dolphins. Whatever happened to them? The majority of them ended up in paradise -- the Atlantis Paradise Island Resort in the Bahamas. A Baton Rouge man by the name of Scott Sullivan took 17 displaced families in the efforts to ceremoniously adopt the dolphins! They are safe.

Reporter: Greg Meriwether