COPY-Baton Rouge General's Pennington Cancer Center

Baton Rouge General's Pennington Cancer Center is the region's most comprehensive, multidisciplinary cancer program. The Pennington Cancer Center includes inpatient, outpatient, surgical and medical oncology services; radiation treatment; and cancer research programs at both campuses of Baton Rouge General.

Baton Rouge General's Pennington Cancer Center was the first local cancer program to receive accreditation by the American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer and has been continuously accredited as a Community Hospital Comprehensive Cancer Program since 1989. The accreditation process stimulates continuous improvement, instills a sense of pride in the program and assures the community of a commitment to quality cancer care.

Among the sophisticated techniques available at the General's Pennington Cancer Center are three dimensional treatment planning, intensity modulated radiation therapy (IMRT), multileaf collimation, digital online portal imaging, and high dose rate remote afterloading brachytherapy.

Key elements of Baton Rouge General's Pennington Cancer Center includes diagnostic radiology and pathology. Full diagnostic services are available and include MRI, CT scanning, PET scanning, directed fine needle aspiration, nuclear medicine and mammography. Pathologists provide full diagnostic pathology and clinical laboratory services. Pathologists and radiologists participate actively, with clinicians, in multidisciplinary tumor conferences, which serve to educate medical staff and assist in treatment planning.

Baton Rouge General's Pennington Cancer Center sponsors community programs including Tar Wars (a tobacco education program for elementary schools) and community screenings for colorectal, prostate and skin cancer. Strength For Caring, a caregiver education and training program for those caring for cancer survivors, is available for those who are facing the road to cancer recovery with a family member.

Support groups and community resources and services are also available through Baton Rouge General's Pennington Cancer Center. A warm and compassionate environment teamed with the compassion and caring of a specially trained Care Team, offers cancer patients hope and comfort as they continue on their road to recovery.

More details on services offered by the Baton Rouge General's Pennington Center can be found in the Baton Rouge General's Pennington Cancer Center Annual Report , available online.