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Hurricane Preparations: Tree Trimming Tips

Even in metro Baton Rouge, many people spent plenty of money after the hurricanes clearing the countless trees that fell. As a new hurricane season kicks off, some homeowners are rushing to get old or dying trees cut down. As WAFB's Cyndi Nguyen reports, that's got the tree man's cell phone and chain saw working overtime.

Blake Tanner and his crews with Tanner Tree Services have been making lots of house calls these days -- an average of 15 appointments a week -- and the visits aren't all about keeping yards beautiful.

"After Katrina and Rita, they are really starting to second guess about things they didn't think about before," says Tanner.

The hurricanes both serve as powerful reminders to what the force of winds can do to trees and homes in their path. These days, Tanner says there are plenty of things people can do to preserve their trees before disaster can strike.

"What they really need to worry about first is watering, watering watering everyday," Tanner explains. "Using a large sprinkler over the base of the entire tree."

And then there are the no-no's -- the things Tanner says most people do too much -- like over-prune their trees. He says a key thing to remember is to remove only dead wood and leave the healthy limbs alone. That way, if a tree does fall, the extra limbs help to break the fall and minimize damage to your home.

Tanner also says make sure the tree company you hire is a licensed and insured company: "There have been a few cases around town where people, they go on the property, hurt themselves and sue the homeowner."

Or in other cases, if an uninsured company damages your home while cutting a tree, your homeowners insurance won't cover the costs.

Just one more thing to keep in mind as hurricane season heats up.

The Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry has a complete list of licensed arborists by parish. We've linked to their website at the top of this story.

Reporter: Cyndi Nguyen

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