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[readrate:16]a routine meeting for an upcoming emergency drill reveals what emergency officials term a serious miscalculation by fema. [anchor:two shot]
{***geo***}[readrate:16]eight parishes sent representatives to an exercise that focuses on the renaissance fema village in baker.
[take: turn keyd]{***turn***}wafb's jim shannon has the story of what could have been a real problem in the event of an emergency.
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a gathering of emergency personnel who would be on the front lines of any evacuation met at east baton rouge emergency preparedness. They will participate in a mock evacuation of renaissance village. But a shocking revelation came out about the number of special needs people who will have to be removed in the event of an emergency.
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name: sid
incue: the original numbers
outcue: 68 to 70.
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<chief sid gautreaux: the original numbers we got from fema showed 15 to 16 that they had identified in renaissance. But the management company that's handling renaissance says that numbers like 68 to 70.>
an emergency is hardly the time to find out a problem like this. Fortunately the special needs people have already been identified because it will take much more manpower and equipment to satisfy those peoples needs than an ordinary evacuee. But why the emphasis on renaissance village? because these trailers are only designed to withstand moderate sustained winds not strong winds over 40 miles per hour.
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incue: if the weather
outcue: a home would be
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<gautreaux:if the weather service issued an advisory that then would be winds higher than that sustained winds...then certainly there would be a mandatory evacuation and i would envision that those are more high risk structures they would be evacuated a lot sooner than a home would be.>
the mock evacuation of renaissance should give emergency officials a good mental picture of what they will have to deal with in the event of a storm this year.
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incue: todays meeting
outcue: weeks exercise
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<joann moreau:today's meeting was to discuss the different roles that every ones gonna play in next weeks exercise.>
an exercise that everyone in this room hopes will not have to actually be carried out. Jim shannon wafb 9 news.
the evacuation exercise at renaissance village is scheduled for next tuesday.