Prudent Heart Living

                                       “Prudent Heart Living”

Prudent Heart Living, as defined by the American Heart Association, is a lifestyle, which minimizes the risk of heart disease.

 So How Do I Live a Prudent Heart Lifestyle?

 v   Control your weight

§       Work to achieve your ideal weight

§       Avoid “fad” diets, etc.

v   Exercise regularly

§       20 minutes, 3 times a week is all you need

§       Any type of cardiovascular exercise will work

v   Eat sensibly

§       Low fat, high fiber

v   Avoid tobacco in any form

§       “Be smart, don’t start!”

v   Reduce your cholesterol

§       Know your numbers!

§       Reduce the cholesterol and other fats in your diet

§       Eliminate tobacco from your lifestyle

v   Control your blood pressure

§       Know your numbers

§       Stay on your medication until your doctor decides to stop it

§       Avoid salt

§       Exercise regularly

§       Eliminate tobacco from your lifestyle