Information About Our Office

Dr. Michael J. Montalbano, Jr.
Dr. Michael J. Montalbano, Jr.
Office Hours, Appointments and Cancellations of Appointments
This office is open on the following schedule:
Monday 8:00 – 5:30
Tuesday 7:00 – 2:30
Wednesday 8:00 – 5:30
Thursday 8:00 – 5:30
Friday 8:00 - Noon

The office is closed on weekends and major holidays. It is also closed at times when we are away attending continuing education programs to increase our skills and maintain knowledge of the latest developments to serve you better. Our 24-hour answering service will always be available to take messages when the office is closed.

We try to see all patients on an appointment basis and request that you call in advance so that we can reserve time for you. The office telephone number is 925-2118. We make every effort to honor all time commitments and request that you extend the same courtesy to us.

If you cannot keep an appointment, please notify us immediately. We ask that you give us 24 hours notice. This courtesy makes it possible to give your appointment time to another patient who desires to see the doctor.

Emergency Care
We recognize that you can have an emergency situation arise and we will do our best to respond to your problem promptly. If you do have such a problem, please call us as early in the day as possible. If the problem arises when the office is closed, the answering service will forward your message to the doctor or to whomever is on call for the doctor if he is unavailable.

Telephone Calls
All patients are encouraged to call with any questions they have concerning dental problems. However, it would be most unfair to our patients were the doctor to leave to answer every telephone call. Our office staff is well qualified to answer most questions. If the call requires the doctor to speak with you. He will return your call at the earliest opportunity.

Recall Visits
We hope you share in our belief that regular preventive dental health care is a sound investment. While the responsibility for returning for this treatment rests primarily with you, we will provide the service of sending you a written reminder when it is time to return. Please telephone for an appointment when you receive this notice.

At the time of your recall visit, please advise the receptionist of any change in the following areas: (1) address, (2) telephone number (3) health, (4) medication being taken, (5) marital status, (6) employment, and (7) insurance coverage.

Fees and Payments
We make every effort to keep down the cost of your dental care You can help by paying at the time of your visit. If your treatment program requires several visits, you will be given an estimate and asked to discuss definite financial arrangements with a member of our business office staff. Please remember that insurance is considered a method of reimbursing the patient for fees paid to the doctor and is not a substitute for payment.

We follow a program that simplifies the preparation of insurance claim forms, thereby holding down the office costs that are unrelated to the delivery of good dental care. The receipt form we give you at the end of each visit contains all the information needed from the dentist for your insurance company to process your claim.

If your insurance company has not furnished you with a claim form, we will be happy to provide you with a universal claim form to which you can attach one copy of the receipt form. You can then fill out your identifying information at the top of the form and forward it to your insurance company.

Please remember that no insurance company attempts to cover all dental costs. Some companies pay fixed allowances for certain procedures and others pay a percentage of the charge. It is your responsibility to pay any deductible amount, co-insurance, or any other balance not paid for by your insurance company.