Local Business Burglarized 14 Times in One Year

Having your business burglarized can really hit your pocket book. The cost to replace and repair shattered doors, windows and furniture can be very pricey.  Now imagine it happens time and time again, like it did at Carter's Car Wash in Zachary.

The small town of Zachary is growing.  The population has increased over the last few months, and with that increase has come some other changes.  According to Lt. David McDavid, "Last year we answered almost 15,000 calls.  With the increase in people in Zachary, we're starting to see an increase in petty crimes.

One of those places feeling that increase is Carter's Car Wash on Hwy 19 leading into Zachary.  Ann Carter says, "They just break in, tear stuff up.  There's more damage to the property than what they're actually getting."

Property damage has including breaking down a door and cutting through the roof.  The burglars even left the ladder behind that they used for the roof job.  Once inside, the thieves cut into the change machine.

"I think it's several suspects and I think they're watching the building," said McDavid.  "The last time, the owner was doing some work here, and shortly after he left, the place was burglarized."

In the owner's words, it's been a nightmare.  In December alone, the place was hit three times.  In all of 2005, it was hit 14 times.  It's pretty safe to say the place is being targeted, and all that attention can be expensive.

"Just in 2005, I would se we spent $25,000 on repairs," said Carter.

Carter's Car Wash has been in business for 18 years, and up until last year, they never had any problems.  They've beefed up their security, but it hasn't stopped the break-ins.

"The last three times he has tried to break into this place, the alarm has gone off.  But that doesn't catch anybody.  It alerts them and they leave."

Their hope now is that this time they have left for good.  Call Crime Stoppers if you think you can help at 344-STOP.  You can remain anonymous and you could be eligible for a reward of up to $1,000.

Reporter:  Matt Williams