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Soft and Beautiful Body Express Spa & Salon

(225) 924 6370
Cortana Mall
(between Trade Secret and Fredericks of Hollywood)

It's time to RELAX this holiday: You deserve it!
Soft & Beautiful Body Express Spa
Only $49.00 for any of the following 4 services!
1) Stimulating Mud Mask Facial Therapy
Relaxing facial therapy with exotic mud mask
You will recline and be pampered to an aromatic deep cleansing of your face.
Your pores will tighten as the pollution and dirt is gently extracted from your skin.
2) Spa Hand Treatment: Soften hands
Your hands will never be this soft.
Baby smooth skin will be revealed as your hands are exfoliated with minerals.
Our exclusive stress relief therapy will enhance the hand treatment experience.
Your nails will be nourished and resurfaced to reveal a diamond like shine without polish.
3) Spa Foot Treatment: Sooth & Soften Feet
Your hand work will pay off while we work your feet.
Rough feet will soften as dead skin is exfoliated.
Your stress level will drop as your feet are pampered the Soft & Beautiful way.
Stress relief therapy will restore the strength and balance to your feet.
4) Massage Therapy: Hydro Therapy (aqua massage)
This is a FULL BODY massage; you will melt as the warm Swedish massage feeling covers your body from head to toe.
Relaxing music will fill your ears as your stress is taken away.
Exclusive Nail Art
Anything on your nails; any photos, any design.
Your nails will reflect your clothes and personality.  No feathers and flowers; your nails will be a real work of art with this fast and exclusive service.
*THIS IS AN ADD-ON SERVICE FOR ONLY $20.00 (for both hands)
Gift Cards Available - Call for Appointments - Walk-Ins Welcome

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