Mystery Shrouds Murder on Sorrel Avenue

A murder back in August has left a mother without her son and a wife without her husband. It's been about three months since a discovery on Sorrel Avenue changed lives forever.

It was around 6:00 a.m. on August 7th when someone noticed a body lying on the railroad tracks. According to Detective John Dauthier, "She decided to stop and check on the condition of the victim and found that he was in serious condition."

After that good samaritan, that passerby, noticed the body, she contacted police. When they arrived, they found pretty much the same thing she did. George Knighten, 36-years-old, lying there between the tracks, dead from a gunshot wound.

Later that morning, his wife of three years, Shannon, went over to his parents' house. They were still at church, and she was about to go inside.  "As I proceeded to go in the house and knock on the door, a police officer pulled up," she says. "I was about to go in the house and he said 'excuse me.' "

Those two words changed her life. Her husband had been killed. Police say the last time anybody saw him was about midnight, when he was dropped off in the area by a friend. Now they need some community help to fill in the gap.

"It's going to take someone from the community to come forward, whose had enough of this kind of violence. Give us the tip that breaks the case that we're looking for," says Dauthier.

Shannon says the last time she and her husband talked, they had a little argument... not knowing that it would be the last time they talked.

"You leave and go home and go to work, knowing you had an argument. You come back and you can't say I love you, you can't say I'm sorry. You can't go and leave not knowing that's the last time you're going to see that person."

For his mother, losing a child has been difficult to deal with. "You can't get over it," says Fannie London. "It gets better, but I don't think it'll ever be put behind you because he's my oldest son and most of all, he's just a son."

Missing her partner of three years now, Shannon says she just doesn't feel whole anymore.  "He was a great part of me. I feel like I'm not even complete anymore. When you look at me, you're looking at half of me."

He was a son, a husband and a father, and now those worlds have been changed forever. If you think you can help, call Crime Stoppers at 344-STOP. You can remain anonymous and you could be eligible for a reward of up to $1,000.

Reporter: Matt Williams