You Are My Angel - By Terry Melancon

You are my angel, my angel of light

For the stars up above you shine through the night.

Whenever I am scared, you come to the fight.

You are my angel, my angel of light.

Angels come to the light when their time is need,

As they go the light their presence is greeted

Angels in the dark, angels in the light, angels all around us with only heaven in sight.

The time has come; they say the time has come to see the ghost, the Holy One indeed

Because he loves you the most.

My deed is done here.

Pass this word around, that God is looking upon us with not a smile but a frown.

Listen to the Lord like he always said,

Because the time is coming upon us

For Him to make his ways.

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Terry Melancon wrote this several months before he died of a fatal gun shot wound. He recalled that God woke him up several times during the night to write this down. At the time we all thought it was a dream but we soon realized it wasn’t when his fiancée Lynn Harwell went to his house the day after he passed away to get his cats and their papers. She was upset and talking to him and asking him to tell her where things were and was there anything she wanted him to take care of. She said she felt like she needed to go a kitchen shelf where two bank envelops fell out.

This was inspired by God, Terry would have never written this on his own. I hope everyone who reads this is blessed.


The Melancon, the Harrington's and Lynn Harwell