New license requirement means an extra trip to the OMV for new drivers

OMV: New drivers must now have Temporary Instructional Permit before completing driver's ed

(WAFB) - The Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles (OMV) is implementing changes to the law when it comes to new drivers getting their licenses. There's no extra cost associated with the change, but it will mean a total of three trips to your local OMV before a new driver becomes fully licensed.

Effective September 4, all students enrolled in a driver's ed program (regardless of age) must present a Temporary Instructional Permit (TIP) to the driver education provider. The student must also have the TIP in their possession while driving during the behind the wheel portion of the program and when completing the road skills test. The TIP does not allow a student to drive with anyone other than the instructor.

Previously the TIP could be obtained through the driving school, but the new policy requires it to be issued by the OMV.

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"I know it's an extra step for the parents to go to the DMV and get that information," said Rodie Truitt, owner of Metro City Driving Academy. "But the pertinent information, we don't have to keep that, and it's going to be more secure for everyone."

After five years in business, Truitt has racked up thousands of copies of birth certificates and other vital documents that parents have provided. As of September 4, driving schools will no longer have to shoulder that burden.

The new TIP policy passed through the legislature in 2016. OMV officials say it's designed to keep that sensitive personal information more secure in one central system.

"In the long run it's going to be good, because it's going to lessen the sit time the second time you go to the DMV, because they're going to have all your information in the system," Truitt explained.

Upon completion of the driver's ed course, the TIP must be surrendered to the OMV, along with proof of completion of the class, in order to earn a Learner's Permit. A third trip is required to get the full driver's license.

Students must apply for a TIP at the OMV before enrolling in a driver's ed course. That initial visit cannot be done at an express OMV. The one-time license fee of $32.50 is charged at that first visit.

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