Sportsline Summer Camp: Independence Tigers

Sportsline Summer Camp: Independence Tigers - Part 1

INDEPENDENCE, LA (WAFB) - Independence is under new leadership for the first time in many years, as Scott Shaffett replaces Keith Corona heading into this season.

The Tigers were 6-5 last year and Shaffett is already making his mark on the school, working to upgrade the facilities and outfits as part of a program that hasn't seen a lot of turnover.

"Yeah, my mind is blown," said junior running back Tyrrick Harness. "If we weren't feeling it, we wouldn't be getting all this new stuff."

What's got your mind blown about it?

"Everything. See, he's getting new light poles, stadium, everything … new jerseys," Harness replied.

"There's been many a great football team has come through here," said Shaffett. "There's only been about three coaches in probably 50 years. So, to be the fourth coach to fall behind that line of coaches says a whole lot. So, that was a big draw to come here."

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