OUR TURN: Jordan Taylor

OUR TURN: Jordan Taylor

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - We wanted to take a minute and highlight the great community spirit that's very much alive and well .. it was on full display this last week as many of you rallied around a young man who went above and beyond to help another young man with what could have been described as a simple gesture ... but letting this autistic teen help him stock the grocery store shelves meant the world to him and even more to his family.

At one point, the GoFundMe account set up by the Edwards family was the number one campaign worldwide. People from Bangkok to Baton Rouge literally supported Jordan Taylor's dream of going to college to become a teacher.

It's easy to find faults with the younger generations or in our society in general, but in reality, there are a lot more Jordan Taylors out there - young people doing the right thing when it counts.

That's our turn. What's yours?

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