LSU coaches work to get wide receivers polished

LSU coaches work to get wide receivers polished

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - The LSU Tigers kick off their season against the Miami Hurricanes near Dallas on September 2, which is eight weeks away.

There are still lots of questions about what the LSU offense will look like under new coordinator Steve Ensminger. Who will be the quarterback? Who will run the football? Those are two of the big questions right now.

However, there seems to be great potential in the wide receivers. Position coach Mickey Joseph worked hard with senior offensive assistant/passing game coordinator Jerry Sullivan to get the wideouts polished.

"Jerry's probably one of the best in the game and as a coach, he's taught me a lot about the receiver position," said Joseph. "But other than that, it's ridiculous how much he understands the passing game and matchups and when we should use this and when we should use this and when we should use that. So, Jerry's good to have on the staff. He's got a lot of experience and one thing about him, he's straight forward and you're never in the dark with him. And that's the best thing about him."

SEC Football Media Days get underway in Atlanta on Monday, July 16. LSU will lead things off on day one with Texas A&M and Kentucky. Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, and Ole Miss will follow on day two. Wednesday will bring Alabama, Mississippi State, Missouri, and Tennessee. Things finish up Thursday with Auburn, South Carolina, and Vanderbilt.

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