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OUR TURN: Thank you for sharing comments and memories about Donna Britt

Our Turn (Source: WAFB) Our Turn (Source: WAFB)

Donna Britt ... what an awesome genuine and lovely person. 

That's what we think and, according to the messages and comments, so do you. We here at WAFB have had the pleasure of reading all the wonderful comments you, our viewers, have left for Donna.

Stephanie Creasy shared this message:

Donna is a lady, a comfortable presence in front of us in this rugged, unpredictable world we live in. She has taught us many things over the years and in her career dealing with health issues, world tragedies, local heart-warming stories and just pure life, good and bad, happy and sad. In short, she is a lovely person and friend. And I am happy to have known her, if not personally, then through Channel 9 News. Thank you for sharing her with all of us. We love you, Donna and are praying for you and your family.

There are literally hundreds of messages that have been sent to us. While we can't read them all on-air, please know that all of us here at WAFB love reading your comments and memories with Donna. Thank you.

That's our turn. Now, it's your turn. To comment on this or anything else, please send us an email to yourturn@wafb.com.

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