Watch: Tiger creeps, pounces on glass toward visitors

Watch: Tiger creeps, pounces on glass toward visitors

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - A few visitors learned to never turn their back on a tiger.

Fortunately, this tiger was in an enclosed space. However, visitors who stopped by Mike VII's living space located at LSU got a taste of the big cat's hunting prowess.

A video submitted by Kevin Felder Jr. shows Mike gradually sneaking from the edge of a pool toward the glass, where two visitors stand with their backs turned to the animal.

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In the video, you can hear someone telling the visitors to stand still as Mike stealthily creeps closer to the glass window. The animal then lunges from the pool in an attempted pounce toward the visitors. Fortunately, the glass window separated Mike from the male visitors.

Mike VII, formerly known as Harvey, is the university's mascot. The animal has been living in the tiger habitat since August of 2017.

Mike was donated to LSU from a sanctuary in Okeechobee, Florida called Wild at Heart Wildlife Center. Mikes IV, V, and VI were also donated to LSU from rescue facilities.

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