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Report: Former LSU running back Derrius Guice 'becoming man of the people' in Washington

Derrius Guice (Source: WAFB) Derrius Guice (Source: WAFB)

Former LSU and Catholic High running back Derrius Guice is looking to soar over the competition in the NFL as a rookie this season.

Guice fell to the second round with the Washington Redskins, but is rising in popularity very quickly with Redskins fans.

A recent article by refers to Guice as "a man of the people," attending watch parties for the NHL champion Washington Capitals or buying fans free tickets to movies.

Of course, in the long run, Guice has a job to do and his popularity will be heavily dictated by how many yards he gains and how many touchdowns he scores.

The transition from college to pro football is well underway.

"College, way more, just like, intense and everything than this,” said Guice. “I understand why. Money is a big reason. They don't need us getting hurt out there and stuff. Now, what I can say is that the playbook is a lot more lengthier here, but it's pretty much the same stuff, just different wording."

What are you planning to do for these next six weeks off? You going to go bowl a little bit?

"Really, just spend more time with family, man. Just make sure I stay in shape for training camp. It's really the same stuff I've been doing for the past five months before I was even drafted. Just staying in shape and being around family before this long season," Guice replied.

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