Sportsline Summer Camp: St. Helena Hawks

Sportsline Summer Camp: St. Helena Hawks - Part 2

GREENSBURG, LA (WAFB) - Stop No. 2 for Sportsline Summer Camp 2018 was a check-in with the Hawks of St. Helena on Thursday.

Last season, the Hawks finished with an outstanding 12-3 record, reaching the 2-A State Championship in the Superdome against Welsh. However, they fell behind 31-0 at the half before losing by the final of 38-26.

Head coach Brandon Brown then departed to become the head coach at East St. John, while star players like quarterback Ricky Travis and running back Aaron Hurts graduated.


But, the Hawks are now working hard toward 2018 with new head coach Johnny Felder, who was the defensive coordinator at Northeast High School. Despite past success, Felder is trying to implement his new ways.

"Two key things I look to implement to help with that - Number 1: culture and mindset - we have to have a shift of mindset," said Felder. "And we have to create a little different culture. Those guys did a lot of good things well last year. Obviously, they just made a Dome run. However, moving forward, there's some little things we have to clean up."

He is making everyone realize that you don't start at the finish line.

"I start with the community and work our way in. There's a lot of expectations. Obviously, what they did last year, big expectations in trying to make a run and get back to the Dome. My job is to come in and say, 'Hey guys, there's a lot of football, there's a lot of coaching and there's a lot of things that we have to make sure we're doing along that journey.'"

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