Sewage system repairs scheduled for downtown Baton Rouge

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - If you're going to be in downtown Baton Rouge next month, be ready to see a little more construction. The city will be repairing old sewage systems, some nearly 100-years-old.

The Downtown Development District is helping with the initiative. The director says communication will help with potential traffic issues.

"We're trying to have as minimal impact as possible, but I think that's why if we can communicate, because we've got a good communication system in this office here, that we can get the word out to people to let them know. But obviously, they need to be aware of this is the downtown area, so you have a lot of public events," said Davis Rhorer.

Construction is set to begin in July. They will focus on the central business district. This area consists mostly of office buildings and a couple of apartments. Rhorer says it's important to stay up to code. "I'm sure the system has just had failure in it over the years and stuff, and you know, there are a lot of EPA mandates that you need to have all those things current."

With the current budget situation, some may want to know where exactly is the money for this project coming from? Rhorer says not to worry.

"That's part of the master plan funding for the sewage system so as a whole. That's already in place, and that's why I think it's, again, as they do parish-wide. That's why you pay the sewer user fee."

Downtown Baton Rouge has seen major growth in business and tourism. This is will be a small piece to help accommodate a growing population. "This is just part of the improvements to plan for the next 20, 30, 40, years and stuff, so we'll have a great system in place."

They're still in the planning phase, so it's not clear where exactly they're going start. We'll have an update when we get a final plan of action.

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