Sen. Kennedy call for resignation of Gov. Edwards amid state's fiscal problems

(WAFB) - Senator John Kennedy called for Governor John Bel Edwards' resignation on KPEL radio in Acadiana Monday.

Kennedy said he's tired of the governor blaming the former governor, Bobby Jindal, and the legislature for the state's fiscal problems. Then he said Republican Lieutenant Governor Billy Nungesser should take over the governorship, although Nungesser has supported the governor's proposals to close the budget hole.

Kennedy called Edwards' solutions for the fiscal cliff "tax and spend," and argued the governor is too liberal for Louisiana. Democrats and the administration argue an extension of a portion of the state sales tax is necessary to fund services they call "essential."

"Governor Edwards isn't going to be distracted by childish comments or letters from our junior senator," said the governor's spokesperson, Richard Carbo, in a statement. "You don't see this kind of behavior from other elected officials because they're busy doing their jobs."

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