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Veterans group taking BRPD officer injured in 2016 ambush attack on fishing trip

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Storm 22, a non-profit group that helps military veterans with PTSD is taking a local police who survived the July 2016 police ambush on a fully-paid fishing trip.

As they sit and talk about next weekend, it's all about some good times.

“We are going to throw you out the boat and bowfish a little bit,” Chad Montgomery jokes to Brad Ford.   

Behind all this laughter, you may never guess the stress Baton Rouge Police Detective Chad Montgomery deals with behind closed doors.

“A lot of sleepless nights that people do not know about,” Montgomery explained.

He was one of the six officers who responded to airline highway on that awful Sunday in July. The madman's bullet grazed his head. It came flying through the windshield of his police car.

“Just an inch or a half an inch to the right, we would not be sitting here and having this conversation,” Montgomery said.

“You ask yourself why it did not happen to me and thank God it didn't. There are so many unanswered questions that only the good Lord can answer,” Montgomery said.

And if you think it's been almost two years now and time has healed, that fatefully day still haunts him. 

“It has its moments. It's something you think about every day. That will never end,” Montgomery said.

“I've been there. I have been in combat situations. I've been through a lot of firefights,” Brad Ford said.

It's the unspoken words Brad Ford heard loud and clear.

Ford is a veteran of 11 years having served in the Army and Desert Storm, unfortunately watching some of his own veteran friends commit suicide over the years.

He says statistics show on average, 22 veterans kill themselves every single day.

The veteran turned police officer says he founded Storm 22 in 2016 for this very reason.

If you would like to make a donation to the organization or know a veteran who could benefit from a trip by Storm 22, visit

“The main thing is getting a veteran out of the house go outside go do something get busy and you need the comradery that you missed from the military so all of those came to one and we started a nonprofit and here we are,” Ford explained.

In the past two years, Cpl. Ford says they've taken numerous veterans with PTSD or traumatic brain injuries on all sorts of trips. Detective Montgomery will be the first BRPD Officer.

“This is I guess let's call it a stress reliever,” Montgomery said.  

A fundraiser last month helped raise enough money to send Det. Montgomery on a bowfishing trip.

“Everybody cares of course but Brad is going above and beyond with Storm 22 to help out people that really don't ask for help,” Montgomery said.

And though 2016 may be etched in many minds forever, this one weekend, Storm 22 hopes Det. Montgomery can let loose and just know how much he is appreciated.

“It's all from the heart. You don't become a police officer because you want to be rich. You want to help people and help your community,” Ford said.  

Detective Montgomery and a few other guys will leave for the bowfishing trip on Friday. 

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