Outage scheduled for Entergy customers in Assumption Parish

ASSUMPTION PARISH, LA (WAFB) - On Tuesday, June 12, about 700 Entergy customers in Assumption Parish will experience an outage so workers can perform equipment upgrades.

The outage will last from 6:15 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Entergy says all customers should have received a phone call warning them of this outage. The outage will affect customers in the following areas:

  • LA 1 immediately north of Highway 1011 in Supreme to the 4400 block of LA 1 Napoleonville
  • Highway 400 Napoleonville
  • 760-3170 Highway 1011 Napoleonville
  • Highway 1012 Napoleonville
  • Alvin Street Napolenville
  • Four Mile Bayou Morgan City / Stephensville
  • Bayou Crab Road Napoleonville
  • Cruze Ct. Napoleonville
  • Jerome Ct. Napoleonville
  • Alida Drive Napoleonville
  • Leisure Drive Napoleonville
  • Seraphin Drive Napoleonville
  • Clause Est Napoleonville
  • Johnson Street Napoleonville
  • Fertitta Lane Napoleonville
  • French Lane Napoleonville
  • Gustav Lane Napoleonville
  • Howard Lane Napoleonville
  • Louis Lane Napoleonville
  • Lucille Lane Napoleonville
  • Richard Lane Napoleonville
  • Wickham Lane Napoleonville
  • Back Marais Street Napoleonville
  • Bayou Genevive Napoleonville
  • Cancienne Canal Napoleonville
  • Cancienne Road Napoleonville
  • Kitridge Road Napoleonville
  • Marais Road Napoleonville
  • Oakley Road Napoleonville
  • Solar Road Napoleonville
  • Bertie Street Napoleonville
  • Lake Camp Street Napoleonville
  • Delaune Street Napoleonville
  • Georgette Street Napoleonville
  • Lower Texas Drive Napoleonville

Entergy says if you received a phone call regarding a power outage and your address is not listed above, you received the call in error and should not experience any outages.

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