Man arrested for reportedly strangling woman, holding gun to her head with kids in backseat

BAKER, LA (WAFB) - A Baker man is behind bars after police say he reportedly strangled a woman and held a gun to hear head while children were present in the backseat of the car.

Officials with the Baker Police Department say the incident happened in the 4800 block of Baker Boulevard back on May 2 just before 8 p.m. Officers were called out to the Walmart on Plank Road to meet up with the victim, who said the accused, Demarcus Jamond Caldwell, 28, had choked her, hit her over the head with a gun, and held the gun to her head while her children were in the backseat of the car.

The victim was initially overcome with fear and was unable to speak, but officers were able to calm her and her children (ages 4 and 6) down. The children were trying to console their mother and were asking if the officers were going to "take daddy to jail."

The victim told officers she was giving Caldwell a ride to her mother's home when asked him to watch the children while she ran errands. An argument ensued, and Caldwell reportedly said he would not watch the children while she "went to see another n****." She said Caldwell then opened the driver side door, where she was sitting, and put his hands around her neck, choking her.

She said he then pulled out a black handgun, which she recognized from previous occasions. She claimed she had told Caldwell before not to bring the gun around her children because she feared for their safety. The victim told officers Caldwell then hit her in the head with the gun. Officers did note dried blood on her forehead, as well as an obvious laceration.

Then, Caldwell reportedly held the gun to her temple and began to scream at her. Both children reportedly tried to help her and pull Caldwell off of her, yelling "Daddy, please stop."

Then, Caldwell's brother reportedly came out of the house and tried to pull Caldwell off of her. Caldwell then reportedly fired the weapon, but the shot went over the victim's head and did not strike her. She told officers "she thought she was dead." Officers did find a single 9mm bullet in the victim's vehicle.

The victim then said she put the car in reverse and tried to flee, but that Caldwell was still threatening her and her children. Once Caldwell's brother intervened again, she said she was able to get away and drove to the Walmart on Plank Road, where she called police.

Caldwell was arrested on June 8 and is charged with the following:

  • False imprisonment; offender armed with dangerous weapon
  • Domestic abuse battery by strangulation with child endangerment
  • Illegal carrying and discharge of weapons
  • Attempted second degree murder

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