Addis police asking for public's help in finding 2 men accused in numerous car burglaries

ADDIS, LA (WAFB) - A rash of car break-ins in Addis in West Baton Rouge Parish have police desperately looking for two men still on the run.

Detective Bill Starnes with the Addis Police Department says Devante Fisher, 26, and Tremon Robertson, 19, allegedly broke into five cars in the early morning hours of May 10 in the River Landing subdivision.

"Surveillance video from one of the residents home shows the two suspects walking west on River Landing Drive as they are casing the area, looking for vehicles they are possibly going to break into," said Starnes.

At 3:43 a.m., they were caught on video walking back the other way and then going up to a driveway with three cars. "All the vehicles at this home were locked, so the vehicle that they came to that had the purse in it, they finally broke the glass and took the purse and they continued back down the sidewalk," said Starnes.

Police say it took less than two hours in the River Landing neighborhood for the two guys to allegedly break into five different vehicles. They say the men tried to break into a Jeep. The owner of that Jeep, Billi Romero, says she heard the noise, but thought it was her boys.

"I thought my son fell out of his bunk bed, but he was still there. Then I thought my teenager was trying to sneak out of the house, but he was in his bed too," said Romero.

"At 6 o'clock in the morning when I got up to leave for work, I noticed there was a small cinder block on top of my roof and I noticed that all of my panels for my door were taken off, so they tried to get into my door and that's when I noticed they tried to break into the door and that is the noise I heard at 4 in the morning," said Romero.

Around the same time, someone flipped on their lights and the men ran away. Another neighbor woke up to dogs barking and saw two suspicious men talking, so they called police.

One of the men fled on foot. The other pulled out in front of a truck, which was caught on a responding officer's dash camera. When the officer turned on his lights and started to chase the driver, he jumped out and ran towards the trees, all while the car was still moving, and crashed into a tree.

Starnes says everything that was stolen was found in the car, including enough evidence to link the duo to the break-ins.

"We have been here ten years and never had any problems in the ten years we have been here," said Romero.

While the two are still on the run, many in Addis have started doing something they rarely did before: locking their doors.

"It makes me worried. We got an alarm system. We've gotten cameras up since then," said Romero.

Anyone with information on their whereabouts is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 225-344-7867. Police say they do not believe the two men are in the Addis area. Instead, they're possibly in Baton Rouge.

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