Officials urge caution as fitness buffs attempt to beat the heat

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Mid-90 degree heat and high humidity may scare some people away from stepping outside, but not everyone.

Plenty of people were out exercising and fishing at the LSU Lakes Sunday morning, despite the recent heat wave.

"I'm here, I'm healthy, and it's working out," said Yuri Brown, who spent her Sunday morning running around the lakes. To combat the heat, she focuses on hydration.

"After each lap, I go ahead and I down one of these down with water because you have to keep it up in order to not pass out in this ninety, hundred degree weather we have out here," Brown said.

EMS workers say it's been an especially tough year for them. In May of last year, they responded to 9 heat-related incidents. This year: 40.

Spokesman Mike Chustz says people need to prepare well.

"Get in the shade when you can," Chustz said. "Get as much water as you can tolerate. Sports drinks, avoid caffeine avoid alcohol things like that. Wear loose-fitting clothing, a cap is good sometimes to keep you from getting sunburned."

He also says fitness buffs need to be more cautious.

"You've got to take frequent breaks," Chustz said. "You have to pace yourself. If you don't, you'll get in trouble. And if you get overheated, by the time you realize it, in most cases, your body can no longer compensate."

Chustz says his crew is prepared for the summer ahead, and runners like Brown are, too. She plans on staying the course with her workout plan until conditions are truly unbearable.

"I'm gonna keep going," Brown said. "It could be hot, it could be cold, nothing is gonna stop me from getting my cardio today."

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