Blue Star Mothers of LA hold 'Garden of Flags' removal ceremony

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - One quick glance over the front lawn of the State Capitol over the past week no doubt left you breathless.

"It makes us proud that we do this every year, and plan on doing it as long as we can still stand," said retired Lt. Colonel Timothy W. Toler with United States Army.

A sea of American flags has been standing tall in the name of 11,000 men and women who laid their lives on the line since the American Revolutionary War to present day.

"Every day to us we want to remember those that have fallen and honor them," said Candice Bourg with Blue Star Mothers of Louisiana. "These are someone's son, first and foremost. a brother, daughters, nephews, uncles so, they mean a lot."

After a week on display, the garden of flags was removed by Bourg and dozens of volunteers. All the flags were picked up, cleaned, and packed for storage until next year's dedication.

"We're proud of their service," the blue star mom said. "We're thankful that we have the opportunity to honor them and remember them in this way."

"We're here to remind the public what Memorial Day is about. To educate them and put a beautiful display of all the servicemembers from our state," Bourg said.

Gold Star Mom Shirley Sherman said for them, these red, white, and blue banners aren't just flags in the ground, they're representative of life and ultimate sacrifice.

Follow the Blue Star Mothers of Louisiana and get up to date information on their service projects here

"It's important for everybody to realize that our men and women who are in the military, they're there because they want to be," Sherman said. "They love what they do and it's their life."

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