9News Alert Team: Homeowner claims DPW damaged driveway, never fixed it

Chanel Bonds says DPW left this hole in front of her driveway two years ago and still hasn't fixed it (Source: WAFB)
Chanel Bonds says DPW left this hole in front of her driveway two years ago and still hasn't fixed it (Source: WAFB)

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - There's a big square about two inches deep in the street in front of 13865 Broad Avenue, and the sidewalk to that home shifts when anyone walks over it or a car drives over it.

Chanel Bonds is the homeowner. The 9News Alert Team found out the Baton Rouge Department of Public Works (DPW) went to the location in 2016 to check on a sewage complaint. Workers dug up holes to check for water leaks. Bonds says that's when the problems started.

"It started out as two holes when they came and dug. They came and dug in here and like I said, it escalated. The holes got bigger and bigger through time," said Bonds.

Bonds says the crews also dug up holes in her neighbor's driveway, but she says those have since been fixed. Hers though, no one ever came to repair them. Now, Bonds says the hole is damaging their cars and the shifting sidewalk has become a hazard.

"My grandson was playing basketball maybe over a week or so ago and tripped over this and he scraped his knee, so my husband took it to another level and that's why he had to get in touch with you guys," said Bonds.

Bonds called the city-parish's 311 call center in front of the 9News Alert Team.

"I was calling about the issues I was having," Bonds told them.

She was transferred, just like she told us would happen. She was told her case had been handed over to a supervisor, who would be calling her back shortly. "I won't get the call today. They won't call me. I have heard this several and several times before: 'We are going to call you back,'" said Bonds.

No one called her back, so the 9News Alert Team called DPW asking why she kept getting tossed from one department to another for the past two years, with DPW saying it was the water company's responsibility and the water company putting it back on DPW.

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The 9News Alert Team sent the DPW maintenance director, Kyle Huffstickler, pictures of the damage. He said he would have a crew out there to inspect first thing Thursday morning and promised, if they're responsible for the damage, they would fix it.

"They got to repair this. It's not on us. It's on them to do this," said Bonds. "We pay taxes, no problems with anything. This has to be taken care of."

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