Scam alert issued for St. Mary Parish residents

Scam alert issued for St. Mary Parish residents

ST MARY PARISH, LA (WAFB) - St. Mary Parish authorities are receiving reports about a phone scam and urging the public to be careful.

There were two reports of the scam that came from residents in the Bayou Vista and Patterson area, according to the St. Mary Parish Sheriff's Office in a Friday release.

The caller claimed to be working for a hospital and would say that the resident's family member was in the hospital. The caller would say the family member was at the hospital due to injuries from a car crash.

In addition, the caller would say the family member needed money in order to have their wounds treated, according to authorities.

After receiving these calls, the scam victims checked on their family members and discovered that the phone calls were scams.

St. Mary Parish authorities urge residents to never give personal information out to anyone over the phone.

Instead, immediately call 911 if you truly believe a loved one is in danger.

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