YOUR TURN: Teachers Buying Own Supplies

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - This week's YOUR TURN goes to Katy LaPlace.

This is in response to a story about teachers having to spend their own money on school supplies for their classrooms and students. Katy posted:

I feel like most people that want to argue this point like to throw out the whole idea that everyone spends money on their chosen profession and while that is true, everyone isn't also expected to provide for the other 160 people working in their office. Please let me assure you that teachers aren't upset that they have to provide for themselves. It's the cost of providing paper, pencils, treats, etc. for all of their students too that becomes a financial burden. Add that to the fact that they can't even deduct the full amount that they spend from their taxes like every other profession and the situation becomes laughable.

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