Brusly teenager who threatened to shoot up school charged with terrorizing

BRUSLY, LA (WAFB) - A Brusly teenager who threatened to shoot up a high school has been charged with terrorizing, the Brusly Police Department announced Tuesday.

The police chief said that on Sunday, a fellow student allegedly heard the teen say he wanted to "shoot up" the school while they were at work. That student initially called the Addis Police Department, but the case was turned over to the Brusly Police Department.

Police went to the 16-year-old's home and took him into custody on Sunday. Sources say the teen was taken for a mental evaluation and only when he was released from there could he be arrested and charged.

The 18th Judicial District Court district attorney's office will decide whether they will charge the teenager as an adult or not. If he's charged as an adult, his name can legally be released, as well as other details of the case.

The Brusly Police Department contacted the school at 5 a.m. Monday, reporting that the student was in custody.

Authorities said there was no one else involved in the social media threats.

The police chief said the department believed the school was not in danger and decided not to contact parents.

West Baton Rouge Parish School Board superintendent Wes Watts said a lot of the facts put out in response to the social media post were false.

"There was no threat to Brusly High School," Watts said. "There was an investigation into a student."

He added in saying 90 percent of the post was inaccurate and he believed calling parents might have caused mass hysteria.

"We had so many people calling with different types of leads and things that were going on," Brusly Police Chief Jonathan Lefeaux. "We went ahead and called the FBI in to make sure that we were getting the right information and right answers."

The inundation of calls coming in from parents led police, however, to contact the FBI, which was a first for the department. Students from the high school were telling police the suspect had used similar threatening language in the past. Police were unaware of that information at the time.

Watts said the school would have been canceled if police believed there was a danger to it. But police found no threat.

Police have locked all of the teenager's social media accounts and seized his computer and phone for investigation.

Authorities have not found concrete evidence of him planning an attack on the school. Investigators did find a gas mask in his home during a search.

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