OUR TURN: Seat Belts

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - A rash of deadly car crashes hit our area recently. Louisiana State Police Troop A reported seven people were killed on our roads in a seven-day stretch from May 6 through May 13.

Among those seven were Willie Williams Jr., 8, and 1-month-old Arielle Philson, both of Houston. They were killed when an accused drunk driver hit their car, knocking it off the road and causing it to flip. That driver was arrested, but young Willie and Arielle were part of a disturbing trend in the recent deadly wrecks.

State Police report that neither of them was properly restrained. In fact, six of the seven people killed in those crashes earlier this month were not properly restrained. Crashes result from a variety of causes such as speed, impairment, or distracted driving, but regardless of the cause, experts agree that wearing a seat belt significantly increases your chances of surviving an accident.

In fact, the CDC reports that seat belts cut serious crash injuries and deaths in half. And State Police tell us that 56 percent of crash fatalities in our state last year involved someone who was unrestrained.

You've probably seen the commercials that say, "Buckle up, it's the law." Well, our message to you today is, "Buckle up, it might save your life."

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