Smoking Cessation Trust helps smokers quit

Smoking Cessation Trust helps smokers quit
Source: Smoking Cessation Trust Facebook page

The Smoking Cessation Trust was established to help fund cessation services for all Louisiana residents who smoked a cigarette prior to September 1, 1988. It was the result of a 14-year-long class action lawsuit Scott v. American Tobacco Co.


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  • CALL: 504-529-5665 or 855-259-6346

If approved for inclusion in the Trust program, you will be eligible to receive completely free services that include: cessation medications, nicotine replacement therapy (gum, patch, lozenge, nasal spray), individual/group cessation counseling, telephone quit-line support, and/or intensive cessation support services.

By using these services, evidence suggests that participants will increase the success rate of attempts to stop smoking cigarettes (on average, it takes 8-11 quit attempts), and may help a committed quitter to successfully quit—for good.

To date, more than 30 percent of Trust Members report they have quit smoking cigarettes.

Information on this page was provided by Smoking Cessation Trust.