BRPD Top Brass to launch summer operation aimed at violent criminals

Top brass at the Baton Rouge Police Department have a message for criminals after a violent weekend in the Capital City: “we are coming for you.

Baton Rouge Deputy Chief Robert McGarner, Jr. is exhausted after a weekend of violence erupted across the city. The first happened on Sunday afternoon on Gus Young Avenue. The second one on 17th Street near Main Street. The third, at 10pm Sunday night on North Harco Drive 

You are talking about three homicides and a house being shot up in and eleven-hour period. It's unacceptable, McGarner said.

Chief Murphy Paul also reported to those incidents. He said the good news is that people are speaking up and that is helping investigators make arrests quicker.

I think the community is sick and tired of the violence that's going on, Paul said.

Paul said most of the people connected to the weekend murders were old enough to know better. He said the shootings stemmed from arguments that got out of control. 

We have a culture of violence in our city and it's just too many guns in the streets, and these young men do not know how to resolve conflicts without resolving to violence, Paul said.

These are grown men being childish. Simple as that, McGarner said.

McGarner is one of three deputy chiefs preparing to target violent criminals in a two-month operation aimed at improving communities riddled with crime. It involves local, state and federal law enforcement officials. McGarner said investigators already know who they are looking for.

“They are going to make a mistake. The first mistake they made was coming playing in my sandbox. You don't want your name to come across my desk. I won't sleep until I get you,” McGarner said.

Meantime, the Chief of the city is encouraging those who know the offenders best, loved ones and friends, to reach out to police or a trusted pastor if they see any behaviors that could have a violent outcome. 

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