Gov. Edwards signs another 40 bills into law

Gov. Edwards signs another 40 bills into law
Source: Office of the Governor of Louisiana

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Gov. John Bel Edwards announced that he signed more bills into law Friday from the 2018 Regular Legislative Session.

ACT 183 - HB 7 Provides relative to certain statements required to be filed by elected officials.

ACT 184 - HB 16 Provides relative to taking judicial notice of statutes.

ACT 185 - HB 29 Provides for the optional selection of payment of survivor benefits for a surviving spouse of a member of the Municipal Employees' Retirement System of Louisiana.

ACT 186 - HB 45 Requires third-party logistics providers to obtain controlled dangerous substance licenses.

ACT 187 - HB 55 Provides for an increase in court costs in the 14th Judicial District Court.

ACT 188 - HB 56 Provides relative to the signs displayed at the point of purchase of any tobacco, alternative nicotine, or vapor product.

ACT 189 - HB 110 Provides for processes, including public comment, to identify agency rules that may be contrary to law, outdated, unnecessary, overly complex, or burdensome.

ACT 190 - HB 118 Extends the Fishermen's Gear Compensation Fund and extends payments into the Underwater Obstruction Removal Fund.

ACT 191 - HB 119 Prohibits the commissioner of conservation from regulating the hours of operation of certain facilities receiving exploration and production waste.

ACT 192 - HB 127 Repeals the prohibition on issuing warning citations for violations of motor vehicle laws.

ACT 193 - HB 145 Provides limitations on diagnosing of the disorder commonly known as "Munchausen syndrome by proxy", and on initiation of child welfare proceedings.

ACT 194 - HB 154 Provides a time period after payment of a claim during which an insurer may dispute and recoup the amount paid.

ACT 195 - HB 174 Provides for the continuous revision of the Code of Civil Procedure.

ACT 196 - HB 176 Requires students who are entering eleventh grade or who are 16 and entering any grade to provide satisfactory evidence of current immunization against meningococcal disease as a condition of school entry.

ACT 197 - HB 181 Provides relative to the Louisiana Military Advisory Council.

ACT 198 - HB 184 Provides relative to costs assessed for violations of driving while intoxicated.

ACT 199 - HB 186 Creates Language Equality and Acquisition for Deaf Kids (LEAD-K) Task Force to develop framework for assessing children who are deaf or hard of hearing to determine language skills and ensure kindergarten readiness.

ACT 200 - HB 188 Repeals the prohibition on the manufacture, ownership, possession, custody, or use of certain knives and similar instruments.

ACT 201 - HB 210 Provides relative to revocation of P.O.S.T. certification.

ACT 202 - HB 219 Provides relative to Louisiana Clerks' Remote Access Authority membership.

ACT 203 - HB 224 Reduces criminal penalties for certain offenses involving legend drugs.

ACT 204 - HB 273 Provides relative to post-abortion interment or cremation of human remains.

ACT 205 - HB 296 Provides relative to the John J. Hainkel, Jr. Home and Rehabilitation Center.

ACT 206 - HB 326 Makes technical corrections to various provisions of law within the purview of the legislative committees on health and welfare.

ACT 207 - HB 371 Provides relative to reporting of child abuse and neglect.

ACT 208 - HB 429 Provides relative to denial of claims for dental services.

ACT 209 - HB 443 Provides with respect to reporting requirements for a victim of a sexually-oriented criminal offense.

ACT 210 - HB 502 Provides relative to the regulation of professional wrestling.

ACT 211 - HB 532 Provides relative to the regulation of fireworks and pyrotechnics.

ACT 212 - HB 708 Provides for an exception to the crime of political payroll padding by a sheriff.

ACT 213 - SB 5 Provides for the qualification for survivor benefits..

ACT 214 - SB 9 Provides for determination of credits to be made to the experience account.

ACT 215 - SB 10 Provides for firefighters at state agencies to be members of the hazardous duty plan.

ACT 216 - SB 20 Re-creates the Department of Transportation and Development.

ACT 217 - SB 21 Designates a portion of Interstate 20 in Bossier Parish as the "Louisiana State Trooper Huey P. Grace Memorial Highway".

ACT 218 - SB 23 Designates the interchange of I-49 Exit 11 and Louisiana Highway 93 near Sunset and Grand Coteau in St. Landry Parish as the "Armand J. Brinkhaus Memorial Interchange".

ACT 219 - SB 28 Provides relative to veterinarians.

ACT 220 - SB 30 Provides that a member of the Louisiana City Court Judges Association be added to the membership of the Louisiana State Law Institute.

ACT 221 - SB 32 Provides relative to the St. Tammany Parish Hospital Service District No. 2.

ACT 222 - SB 58 Designates LA Highway 3170 in Rapides Parish as the "Cecil R. Blair Memorial Highway".

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