Senior citizen apartments being targeted for armed robberies and car burglaries

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - An elderly man has decided to move out of his apartment complex after he was robbed at gunpoint early Monday morning.

People living in some senior citizen apartment complexes along Hooper Road continue to fall victim to crime.

In fact, you just may be shocked at some of the numbers we pulled.

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"I was just thankful that he did not shoot, those boys could have definitely shot me," said a man who asked us to protect his identity.

He is still reliving what happened early Monday morning at the Hooper Springs Apartments right off of Hooper Road. The entire complex is for senior citizens.

The man was coming up the sidewalk and when he made it to this keypad to get into the building. Then two men came up to him.

"I turned around and the gun was put to my head and they just told me to give me everything that I had, your wallet, your cell phone. I gave them my keys and I gave them the money I had in my pocket."

They also stole his car.

He says he's not worried about just himself, many others at the complex have also been victimized.

"They walk the lots and they go and pull on doors and they will find those. Now, last week, they got in colors even with the doors locked. One of our tenants, her car has been broken into four times," he said.

One lady even pulled out a knife to chase off a would-be robber.

We looked at the number of police incidents at this Hooper Springs dating back to 2015 and found 26 times police have been called here.

We went further and looked at some surrounding senior citizen apartments. Right behind Hooper Springs is cypress springs with 50 reported crimes.

Across the street is the gardens with 19 and Hooper Pointe with a shocking 306 crimes.

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All of these crimes are only what was reported since 2015. Many more crimes go unreported.

Like one incident back in March at the Hooper Springs where two young men were caught on surveillance video pulling on car doors late at night.

"Two guys with the gray hoodie, Tall, black guy in a short one with a T-shirt," he said.

One of those men was arrested, Trayvonne Jarrell, 17, who remains in jail. The other remains out there.

"It's an elderly community so they prey on us because they know they are handicapped and disabled so they know,"

He says they have asked their property management for property security measures but to no avail.

It's why he says he's moving.

"Every morning, you wake up, you're just not secured. Coming home at night, we don't feel safe because anything can happen around this area and they are aware. Like I said, we have shared our concerns. We told them we want to feel safe. We live here," he said.

Some good news out of this, the man's stolen car was recovered.

If you know anything regarding this incident or other crimes, call Crime Stoppers at (225) 344-7867.

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