Couples struggling to conceive can apply for estimated $15K grant

Couples struggling to conceive can apply for estimated $15K grant

BATON ROUGE, LA - Infertile couples interested in applying for the Gift of Hope 2018 can now apply for the award. The Gift of Hope IVF Grant helps infertile couples each year overcome the financial barriers to building their family through the gift of an in vitro fertilization (IVF) cycle.


  • Have a documented medical need for in vitro fertilization
  • Have a combined gross income of $100,000 a year or less before taxes
  • Are Louisiana residents
  • Have medical insurance coverage which includes prenatal care but does not include coverage for in vitro fertilization

Applicants are also asked to describe in their own words the compelling nature of their need for fertility treatment and their quest to become parents.

Applications are available to download online. The deadline to apply is June 21, 2018.

Since its creation in 2006, the Gift of Hope has awarded 16 couples with the gift of an IVF cycle in the hopes of building their families.


  • 1 in 8 American couples struggle with infertility each year

Only a quarter of healthcare insurers offer coverage for infertility treatment. While Louisiana law prohibits the exclusion of insurance coverage for the diagnosis and treatment of infertility, it does not require insurers to cover fertility drugs, IVF or other assisted reproductive techniques. This leaves the vast majority of couples struggling with infertility uncovered by insurance benefits.

"We started the program as a way to help Louisiana couples undergo IVF who could not otherwise afford it," said Dr. John Storment, medical director at Fertility Answers.

"So many couples we see with difficulties conceiving need this procedure to build their families. But because the cost is so high and very few insurance policies cover it, low-income earning couples often have to put off building their families. We feel strongly that all couples should have the chance to build their families, no matter their financial situation or insurance coverage."

The combined value of donated services for a Gift of Hope IVF treatment cycle is estimated at $15,000.

Gift of Hope donors include Dr. John Storment and Dr. Susan Conway, infertility specialists at Fertility Answers, Women's & Children's Hospital, Sheridan Healthcare, and Louisiana Anesthesiology.

Fertility Answers offers comprehensive treatment of infertility, including assisted reproductive technologies and in vitro fertilization, genetic testing, treatment of multiple pregnancy loss, endometriosis, and all other reproductive endocrine disorders.

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