Nationwide ride CycloFemme makes its way to Baton Rouge

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - A nationwide mother's day bike ride, CycloFemme, had its inaugural ride here in Baton Rouge Sunday morning. The program isn't just about bonding or physical fitness, but about freedom. Mother's Day for over a dozen bike riders Baton Rouge was about more than just celebrating the present, but uplifting the future.

"We're still looking to empower women to get women out there to do things," said Hope McCorkle. "It says something to a young girl whenever she sees a young woman who enables her to be empowered."

For over a dozen bike riders in Baton Rouge, it starts with a nationwide bike ride.

"When I looked up CycloFemme and I saw a small town in Arkansas participated in previous years, I was like 'why doesn't baton rouge have one?'" McCorkle said.

McCorkle, a member of Bike Baton Rouge, went straight to work, partnering with Capital Heights Social Ride, Academy Sports and Bike BR to make the two-mile Mother's Day ride happen.

The goal of the nationwide bike ride is to unite people of all ages to encourage more women to choose a bike over a car and find the joy in riding.

"Women have been underrepresented in the biking community," said Doug Moore with Bike BR. "That's something we at Bike Baton Rouge are trying to fight against."

Organizers said decades ago, if a woman was spotted on a bike, she would be considered rebellious. However, times have changed and not only do people bike just for fun and to work, it's a tool of freedom and a chance to spend time with their mom.

"The more people that get on a bike, the better. Not just for them in their personal lives but for everyone," Moore said.

"I really want to see more women out there on bikes, but I think that it's important for me for people to know it is possible in Baton Rouge to get out there and get across town and do so safely," McCorkle said.

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