YOUR TURN: School Prayer

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Earlier this week we reported on a proposal that could allow Louisiana school employees to pray with students during the class day edged closer to final legislative passage despite concerns it could embroil the state in litigation.

Sen. Ryan Gatti said he proposed the legislation after lawsuits prompted the Bossier and Webster parish school boards to prohibit teachers and coaches from getting involved in student-initiated prayer. That includes bowing their heads, holding hands, and kneeling with students.

The committee voted 10-4 to advance the Senate-approved measure to the full House for debate. Opponents of the bill say it likely would provoke a lawsuit, and they feared that lawsuit could undermine other existing so-called "religious freedom" laws on the books. Gatti says they're misunderstanding how his proposal would work.

This week's YOUR TURN goes to Darrell David. He wrote:

I think it has been looong enough that we stood aside and let others determine if we can pray at school opening. I remember a time that first thing in the morning we would pray and say the pledge of allegiance and no one would say anything because we were proud of it. I say those who don't agree with it can just sit down and be quite.

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