Gonzales store captures wild dump truck scene on Airline Highway

GONZALES, LA (WAFB) - A surveillance camera at a Gonzales music store captured the driver of a truck dumping asphalt along Airline Highway while "popping a wheelie" Wednesday.

"We heard a big swoosh, which kind of caught our attention and when we looked out, we saw a black dust cloud going down the road," said Brian Dubuc of Alison's World of Music in Gonzales.

Dubuc, part of the husband-wife duo that owns the store, posted the video on their store's Facebook page, getting over 130,000 views.

"I figured a lot of people from the parish would be looking at it, kind of having a laugh at it like we are, but never thought it would go viral like that," said Brian.

The video shows the dump truck traveling down Airline Highway when the bed of the truck voluntarily lifted. Seconds later, the truck started dumping asphalt and the front wheels were hanging several feet off the ground before rolling out of the frame.

Ascension Parish spokesperson, Martin McConnell, confirmed the truck belongs to the Ascension Parish government and initially said the driver has been identified and would be disciplined.

However, McConnell followed up a few hours later to say officials reviewed the surveillance footage again and determined the truck had actually malfunctioned and "the driver did a great job controlling it and will not be disciplined."

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