Residents at Bluebonnet Ridge express concerns over mold

Many residents at Bluebonnet Ridge are concerned about mold problems (Source: Residents)
Many residents at Bluebonnet Ridge are concerned about mold problems (Source: Residents)

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Some tenants who live at Bluebonnet Ridge Apartment say they are worried about their health. Mold appears to be growing in their apartment units and they claim managers are putting a band-aid on what could become a big problem.

Bluebonnet Ridge takes pride in its park-like setting, with large shady trees where residents can get a taste of country living in the middle of the busy city.  But some tenants say it's not all it's cracked up to be. Silas Thompson says he and his family moved in back in January. One month later, he says he noticed what he believes is a serious problem.

"This is my children's bathroom cabinet. It is bad," Thompson said.

Mold appears to be growing under the sink on the wall and has spread to the outside of the cabinets. Thompson says after he complained to the property manager, a professional cleaning crew came in, but weeks later, he says the problem returned.

"It's steadily increasing and steadily growing. It's very aggressive, you can tell," Thompson said.

The same thing appears to be happening in the kitchen. And it's not just in his unit. Other tenants at Bluebonnet Ridge, who did not want to appear on camera, sent WAFB photos of their apartment homes. You can see what looks like mold growing in bathrooms, kitchen pantries, and in some cases, the carpet.

"The managers are not doing anything about it and they are acting like it's no big deal," Thompson said.

WAFB took their concerns to the front office. The property manager, who only wanted to be identified as Nicole, says she did not know the problem was so widespread. Nicole says she took over the property last week and that remediating the mold issue is a priority. However, she would not share details.

For Thompson and his family, the answers cannot come soon enough.

"It needs to happen immediately and I told her that the other day. We have to be moved into a new unit," Thompson said.

Thompson tells WAFB the apartment manager has agreed to move him and his family to a different unit.

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