WAFB launches new Facebook group ‘Get Fit Red Stick’

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - WAFB is proud to host a new digital group, Get Fit Red Stick, encouraging people in the community to connect with others who have a common goal, to get fit. We've created this group to help you meet people that will motivate you. We hope to connect you to fitness experts from the capital area, as well as people in the community who can inspire you to get fit and stay fit.

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Posts on Get Fit Red Stick will be different from posts you see on the WAFB Facebook page. Get Fit Red Stick is open to the public. Everyone is welcome to join the group and invite their friends to join in on the discussions by sharing posts about exercise habits, workout accomplishments, and even healthy meals.

The group will be led by new employee, Allison Childers, who is a story builder and digital health reporter for 9News. Childers will act as the middle man, connecting group members with the experts, bringing them in for weekly Q&As in the group.

"I want to make this a continuous conversation with our group members. I want to hear their concerns, their struggles, and help them get useful information from the people who know how to teach us to get fit and stick with it," said Childers.

Get Fit Red Stick will also share the latest fitness trends, news about local fitness events, and showcase places in the area where you can get fit.

Occasionally, Get Fit Red Stick will share some behind the scenes videos of the WAFB family during their personal workouts. Group members are encouraged to share their workouts too, by posting their own videos and fitness goals.

Get Fit Red Stick is a place for members to support and applaud one another.

"I've never been a runner but this year I am determined to run a 5K. I really hope to find encouragement in this group to hold myself accountable and help others be committed to their fitness goals," said Childers.

By joining this group, you'll be part of Team WAFB.

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